Top 10 New TaleZilla Books This Month

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Top 10 New TaleZilla Books This Month

1. "Moo Moo the Cow: Finding Dolly the Lamb"

A heartwarming story of Moo Moo the calf's quest to find her missing friend, Dolly the Lamb, teaching lessons of friendship and perseverance in a picturesque countryside setting.

2. "Tangle the Dog - Lost in the Big City"

Join Tangle, the lovable puppy, on an adventurous journey through a bustling city as he finds his way back to his family, learning bravery and determination.

3. "Poppy the Monkey: New Friends, New Adventures"

Discover how Poppy, a playful monkey, wins over a community and captures hearts with his bravery and cleverness in this tale of acceptance and friendship.

4. "Bunny Wabbit - The Easter Egg Hunt"

An enchanting Easter adventure with Wabbit and friends, filled with excitement, friendship, and the magic of discovering hidden Easter eggs.

5. "Swaddle the Baby Hamster: A Summer of Friendship"

Experience the heartwarming bond between Swaddle the hamster and his new friend Mike the mouse, exploring themes of loneliness, friendship, and bravery.

6. "Silly Cat and The Bakery Treats"

A delightful story of Silly the cat, whose antics in a cozy bakery bring joy and success, teaching the importance of unity and appreciation.

7. "Fubbles Bubbles Troubles"

Join the playful ghosts Fubble, Bubbles, and Troubles as they find friendship and joy with a new family, in a tale of acceptance and belonging.

8. "Kino the Dino and The Giant Volcano"

Follow Kino, the misunderstood dinosaur, as he becomes a hero by saving his jungle home from a volcano, proving that true friendship transcends appearances.

9. "Bumbles the Bee - Let's Save the Farm!"

A story of teamwork and ingenuity as Bumbles the bee and her friends produce unique honey to save their beloved farm, emphasizing creativity and cooperation.

10. "Penny Penguin - South Pole Adventures"

Embark on an icy adventure with Penny Penguin, whose curiosity and bravery lead to an epic relocation and teaches about the impacts of climate change.

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